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Specialists in Recording Music ProductionRe-Amping Mixing Mastering Tracking Drums

Specialists in Recording Music ProductionRe-Amping Mixing Mastering Tracking Drums

BeMelodic is a recording studio in Dallas Fort Worth Tx.  You can find us near UTA in Arlington Tx. We are a music production company specializing in Blues, Rock, Country, and Metal music genres. We pride ourselves in having some of the best recording quality in DFW.

Welcome to BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington Tx

What kind of recording studio are we? Our recording studio in Arlington area has the perfect combination of high tech equipment, phenomenal pricing, and an experienced engineer to create the best possible soundtrack for you?

BeMelodic is minutes away from UTA and within reach of Dallas and Fort Worth.

melodic [ muh-lod-ik ] – Something that’s tuneful, sweet sounding, or musical.

Where’s your musical journey taking you?

Do you want to record that next game changing track, have dreams of making it to the top of the charts, and be the best you can be? It all starts with a visit to our recording studio in Arlington Tx. Together we will produce world-class tracks that you can be proud to show the world.

Excellence for your passion!

Quality Recording Arlington TxHow passionate are you about achieving success? Is there anything that you wouldn’t do to make your dreams come true? At BeMelodic, we have decades of music industry experience and will show you the path to greatness!

No more aimless searching on the internet for music recording studios near me. As a veteran owned and operated music recording studio, we understand the meaning of perfection. The same commitment and dedication we put into serving our great nation is put in creating quality music for you.  Quality is so important to us that we have the best recording equipment and software available.

BeMelodic is lightyears ahead of other local recording studios in Arlington. Our commitment to creating quality recordings at affordable rates makes us your best option for a recording studio in Arlington Tx.

We also do Mixing and Mastering for your songs!

Recording Studio in Arlington Tx

Our recording studio is located minutes away from UTA and near Parks Mall in Arlington TX. We support all of the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding cities including: Carrolton, Irving, Richardson, Plano, Grand Prairie, Burleson, Hurst, Euless, Haltom City, Grapevine and many more.

Come and witness the magic in action. Any aspiring musician, band, or established singer-song writer is encouraged to contact us to learn about our studio and how BeMelodic can be your choice in local recording studios. You can read more about the BeMelodic story here.

Recent Clients

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5-Star Mixing and Mastering

Online Mixing And Mastering
Online Mixing Engineer


At BeMelodic, we can record your music in our best-in-class recording room. We have an enormous choice of professional microphones for any application whether vocals, guitars, drums, strings, and more. Every one of our recordings experience premium modern day or vintage mic preamps for the best recording possible.


Mixing can add excitement to a song, but a phenomenal mix can transcend sonic quality to pass on emotion and feelings. At BeMelodic, our mix engineer will make your song stand out and come to life. Whether you are looking for online mixing or you are in Dallas Fort Worth area, our mix engineer will assist you in conveying the message of your song with professional results.


Music mastering online with BeMelodic is a great decision! Many online streaming services are now offering “automated” mastering on your uploads. These services do not compare to having the correction and enhancement process that an experienced mastering engineer can achieve. If you want your song to sound its best, contact us now.

Vocal Editing

Great vocals are what make a song touch listeners. We have what it takes to make them sound impeccable while keeping the natural characteristics and tone of your voice. We can clean-up, restore, align, and tune vocals with the best software available.  We can even create naturally sounding background vocals!  Our results are sonically and musically superior.  Giving you the very best quality is our number one goal.

Drum Tracking

Recording an acoustic drum kit is a major endeavor.  Not only having enough mics for the job, but having the right type of microphone is essential to recording a natural feel.  More importantly, having a trained ear and experienced engineer is crucial.  Our recording engineer will give you what you need to make your drums sound “live” and have that punchy sound with just the right sizzle you are looking for.

Music Production

Our in-house music producer will create your musical masterpiece by composing, arranging, and designing unique music for your song. Services include vocal production, making beats, song writing (music), sound design, and music transcription. Whether you live in Dallas, London UK, or Sydney Australia, BeMelodic’s producer can work with you. Learn more about our music producer here.

Realtime Remote Listening

We offer realtime remote listening during the review process. No need to come to the recording studio. Just put a good set of headphones on and listen in realtime as we review various parts of the mix or master.

Bemelodic Recording Studio In Dallas Fort Worth Tx
Realtime Remote Listening

A good, professional sounding mix can go miles toward taking your music career up a notch. But if you’re just starting out and have no money to invest in recording studio time, where do you begin? You could try using free online resources or even your own home computer. However, the quality of these options is generally low and they don’t provide the kind of results that will get you noticed by major labels or industry professionals. If this sounds like your situation—or maybe you just want to take your talent to the next level—then investing in some high-quality recording studio time may be just what the doctor ordered!

Studios vary in price from $50-$500 per hour for booking time alone! The best songs are recorded in professional studios with experienced producers who know how to make great recordings sound even better. Investing in quality recording sessions will give you access to top-notch results.

A recording studio is more than just a room with microphones. A true professional knows how to work in all areas of sound creation, from creating instruments and vocals for your songs or podcast episodes down through mixing them into something that will translate well on vinyl records and digital streaming services!

Most recording sessions involve an 8 or 12 hour day when recording vocals and instruments. Unfortunately, while the day will be productive, you won’t be recording for every second of that time. There are loads of other crucial elements to accomplish during the session such as equipment and microphone setup, tuning, testing the sound to get the right tone, warming up vocals, and so much more.

If you are rapping, your studio time will be directly impacted by how rehearsed you are.  Reading your lyrics off your phone isn’t the best use of your time in studio.  Memorizing and rehearsing before showing up will save you money in the long run and allow you to deliver an emotionally strong performance.

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