Audio Editing And Restoration

Audio restoration and editing services for DFW. We can improve the quality of your audio by removing unwanted noise, hum, pops, and crackles.

Restoration and Audio Editing Services

By using the latest in restoration tools, we can greatly improve the sound quality of your files. Audio Restoration is one of our core competencies. As a professional recording studio in Dallas, you can rest assured knowing that we will clean your soundtrack up to a crystal clear level.

We use top of the line restoration plugins such as Izotope’s RX8 software, as well as other prominent brands.  Additionally, we can improve overall loudness balance over the entire file using automation, compression, limiting, and EQ.


Audio Editing

By using state of the art software and equipment, we will restore old or obsolete audio formats into modern up-to-date media files. Audio restoration from our recording studio in Dallas will start by first discussing what your goals and project aspirations are. After listening to your tracks, we will make suggestions on how to improve the quality and clarity of your project.

Audio Editing

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