BMM-103 Microphone (Transformerless Condenser)

Neumann’s TLM-103 is a transformerless microphone that is very close to the Neumann U87.  Carrying some of the vintage characteristics.

About the BMM-103 Microphone

BMM-103 is a component upgraded CAD GXL2200 with a 34mm RK87 capsule and keeping the original printed circuit board.  We also changed some of the component values to get closer to the U87 sound.

With the capsule, we now have both Cardoid and Omni-directional sound capture as well as a 10db pad.

This now is a wonderful microphone that has a very flat response with a slight presence boost similar to the TLM-103 and U87.  Fantastic mic for male vocals.

Neumann TLM-103 Clone

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About The Author

Tony Loignon, Producer, Engineer, Musician

Tony Loignon

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