Before you start recording your tracks, make sure you are in a suitable recording location where there is the least amount of noise such as the hum of the AC coming from the vents, local traffic on the roads, construction, etc.

It is extremely important for vocal recording to be in an isolated room and use portable soundproofing to reduce bleed into the mic. This cannot be fixed. Vocals are always best recorded in a proper recording studio.

Next, in your DAW (Logic Pro, Studio One, Reaper, Pro Tools, etc.) Select the proper file settings. Sample Rate: 48khz or better and Resolution: 24-bit. Note that selecting higher values will provide better recordings, but also take a significant more computer resources and hard drive space.

Effects Usage Warning

It is best that you DO NOT use any form of compression, limiting, EQ, reverb, delay, or other effects as either an input into your DAW from your instrument, or as a channel/track Insert/Aux Send in your DAW. If you wish to use your amplifiers in the recording, please consult with us first. Any effects recorded into the track, cannot generally be undone and can lead to a lower quality result.


After recording, the tracks should all start at 00000.00.00.00 on the timeline in your DAW. This will ensure that every track is properly synchronized to the beat and other instruments. Save the file as a “.wav” file at 48khz 24-bit for each individual track.


File Naming

This is the next important factor. Choose a recognizable name for your track such as: kick_drum_in.wav, kick_drum_out.wav, guitar_1.wav, guitar_solo.wav, lead_vocals.wav, bg_vocals_1.wav, bg_vocals_2.wav, etc…

By organizing your file names, we will both be able to better reference the files without guess work. This could save time and money in the end.  Particularly if a remix needs to be done in the distant future.

Zip Your Song Folder

Place all of your tracks into a folder named with your artist name followed by your song title. (ie. LedZeppelin_StairwaytoHeaven ) Using zip, compress the folder, to the same name as the folder. This can save us time in the future should you lose your files and require replacements.

You are ready to send the file using a file sharing app such as dropbox, googledrive, etc..

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