Mixing your song from iPhone recording is always a challenging prospect.   Leave this to our expert engineer to mix and master your vocals and make your recording sound great.

Recording Your Vocals

The first step in recording your vocals will always be to find a noise free environment.  The truth is, you can never really remove background noise without affecting quality.

Next is the iPhone recording itself.  Use the built in iOS Voice Memo app on your iPhone.  This app provides a relatively good result.  If using other apps, it is best to not apply any effects or compression as this does affect our ability to create a good result.

Ready to record your vocals on your iPhone?  It will be best to hold the iPhone approximately 6-8″ away from your mouth.  Do not lay it on a surface since this will create unwanted reflections.  Finally, if you have a pop filter, use it.  Position the pop filter approximately 1-2″ from the iPhone.

Voice Memo App

iPhone Headphones or Earbuds

Caution on using iPhones to record your vocals.  Do NOT use speakers to play music you will sing to.  Use headphones or earbuds at a medium volume level.  You do not want them too loud as some of the sound could be picked up in the vocal recording.

Saving Your Recording

Once the recording is complete, save your iPhone recording with an appropriate name and save it to an external cloud location where you can send a download link.  I like to use Dropbox for this.

Saving Your Vocal Recording

Mixing Your Song

Finally, send us the link to your file on your cloud app and we can begin mixing your song from iPhone recording using our professional mixing hardware and software.

Here’s a great article on Voice Recording And Transferring Files To The Computer.

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