Audio and Music Mastering

Music mastering online with BeMelodic is a sure choice! Creating competitive sounding audio master files tailored for each distribution service.


As a professional recording studio, we aim to deliver 5-star dedicated service to every client. Our Motto is, “Excellence for your passion!” Included in the mastering price is a fully mixed master. Files provided will have industry loudness based on ATSC A85 standards for radio mix, and specific loudness for certain streaming services (see below).

Mastering Process

We use a number of different processes to make a master truly sound great. Here are but a few of these:

  • Master Bus / Multi-Band Compression

  • Mastering EQs
  • Mid/Side Saturation
  • Stereo Imaging Enhancement
  • Panning Correction
  • Noise Reduction
  • Industry volume maximization
  • Electro or Opto Limiting

Mastering Samples

After the mix is completed, the final stage of mastering takes the song and fine tunes it to make it commercially competitive. This includes use of sophisticated equipment and software and experience.

Below are “before” (final mix) and “after” (mastered) comparisons for you to see our mastering quality.

Hear difference!

You will notice how more open, almost 3D the sound is on the master. Better clarity of the instruments and vocals. *Note that we brought the “final mix” loudness to mastering levels for easy comparison.

Olly Alcock – When I Met The Blues

Next Steps?

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Master Files

Artists getting their songs mastered with BeMelodic will receive final master .wav files in 48khz-24bit resolution unless asked differently.  We will also provide you an .mp3 in 48khz-256bit resolution.  Both files will be mastered for maximum loudness unless specified.

If you wish to upload your song to Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other streaming services, it is recommended that your files are mastered at -14 LUFS.

What we will need from you will be your stems for the final mix given to the following specifications:

  • Resolution: 24-bit or 32-bit Float
  • Sample Rate: 48 kHz or better
  • Stereo file or split mono channels (Left/Right)
  • File types: lossless audio (wav, aif)

Are you ready to take your precious song to the next level?  Only a professional recording studio can add that shine to a track to make it truly magnificent. Making sure your song is Radio Ready and in an appropriate format for all streaming channels is an absolute must. At the BeMelodic Dallas recording studio, your song will go from amateur quality to professional greatness.

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