Professional Mixing Services

Give your music the treatment it deserves. With our professional mixing services, your songs will sound better than anything you could have imagined. You have taken the time to complete the hardest part. Recording that new hit has taken you endless hours of rehearsal, and revision. Now that you’re almost at the finish line, take it one step further by contacting the professional audio engineer of BeMelodic. Our recording studio was designed to help artists and musicians just like you showcase their work in the best possible light.

Online Music Mixing Services

Simply send us your tracks and let our experienced audio engineer get to work. In this sense, we serve as an online mixing service to anyone around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, or on the eastern shores of the USA or even the UK. At BeMelodic, our professional online mixing services can create commercial-grade mixes for everyone. Find out how to send song files for mixing.

Mixing All Music Genres

First and foremost, we mix according to how our clients envision their music to sound.  With that being said, we also understand that mixing has its nuances relative to music genres.  That is why our professional engineer will work with you to achieve greatness in your music.

Listen To Our Music Mixing

Below are samples of “Love It Or Leave It” by Alaina Blair. The audio was level-matched for your comparison.

Listen to the difference for yourself!

Music Mixing Online

Rough Mix

This is a rough leveling of the tracks to attain a balanced sound and is the precursor to adding dynamics processing, EQ, and effects.

Final Mix

This sample is what would be provided to a Mastering Engineer. The tracks have dynamics processing, EQ, and effects and are printed to a stereo final mix.


This is the final published version.  The mastering process gives the mix a final polish which may include compression EQ, saturation, and limiting as an example.  Learn more about our Mastering.

Next Steps?

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“While anyone can download a free DAW and try to mix, the ears of a seasoned audio engineer using sophisticated equipment cannot be replaced.”

Hybrid Mixing

At BeMelodic, we use a hybrid analog/digital mixing process that delivers exceptional sound.

Beginning with recording, we use professional grade Universal Audio, API, Burl, Warm Audio, and Audient mic preamps in combination with our outboard gear as well as extremely high-grade boutique and commercial microphones to help you achieve a professional mix.

We EQ using a combination of professional software plugins and outboard gear such as our Heritage Audio Symph EQ.

Our dynamics processing is also achieved using a combination of hardware such as our 1176 rev A, IGS Audio S-type Stereo Bus Compressor, dbx 160a and a large selection of plugins. While our master bus is processed through our Heritage Audio Successor stereo bus compressor which sounds very much like the Neve 8854 Compressor found on countless hits since the 1960’s.

In the end, tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and software tools to give your music the treatment only achievable at a professional mixing house.  This is the essence of our professional mixing services.  Check out our Music Portfolio for more!

BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington TX Professional Mixing Services

BeMelodic Mixing Style

Every Mix Engineer has his own style which helps contribute to your music and how it will sound in the end.  Here’s a little bit about what our mixing style is like:

Drums: We love mixing punchy BIG drum sounds (for rock … reminiscent of the 80’s) with a tight kick, smacking snare, clear and present cymbals. That almost “live” feeling you get listening to the mix of a solid drum kit and skin smashing drummer to set that beat you tap your foot to.  Doing this all the while making it modern and current for your genre.

Guitars: Mixing guitars is fun and I love the sound of big in your face guitars for metal, and crystal clean guitars in country and pop, but without compromising the genuine skill that guitar worshippers love. Killer solos are especially fun, while still being in the mix, its important to give them that exceptional presence, and the right amount of delay, and reverb that makes it break through the mix and energizes those air-guitarists! Everyone loves air-guitaring to an awesome tune.

Vocals: Character! Gotta have it. I love the right tone shaping, fat sounds of an 1176 blue stripe, while also ensuring clarity and presence in the mix. Of course every style has its own tone, so the right saturation and EQ adds a sing-along presence listeners love.

“Our mixing will make your music jump out of the speakers!”

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Music mixing is at the very heart of what we can do to help you create a commercial-grade mix. We support all genres for in-house or online music mixing.