The Corona Virus Pandemic has changed many facets of everyday life.  Particularly for musicians who find themselves at home with creative streaks.  This is a great time to get your ideas out.  BeMelodic can help you get your music mixed and mastered.  We are an online recording studio during Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak.

Recording Studio During Corona Virus COVID-19

How do you record your new musical creations during the COVID-19 pandemic?  What options do you have?  Are there recording studios open during this?

Quite simply, it is a difficult time for all.  Below are a few ideas that we can help you with creating your next published album.

Vocal Recording

Probably the most difficult of all the recording studio activities to record from home is recording vocals.  Understanding mic placement, which mics to use, and obviously having a soundproof recording booth are all challenging for most artists.

Read our article on Vocal Recording from Home.

Recording Drums

This is probably the next most complex, but definitely one of the more expensive to get started recording from home.

For this, you will need drum mics, mic preamps, and of course a large sized room to record in.

Recording Guitars

Recording guitar performances has become increasingly simple to get good results.  Using an audio interface with DI inputs is going to be your best bet.

Recording Pianos/Keyboards

The easiest of the recording opportunities lies with anyone equipped with a midi-capable keyboard.  If all you have is a traditional piano, you have the option of buying a midi-keyboard, or microphones.

Next Steps?

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BeMelodic can be your online recording studio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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