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What We Use for Perfect Sound

BeMelodic Recording Studio offer clients an endless choice of great recording studio equipment to ensure a great capture is possible.  Part of our magic comes from our tracking room, pre-amps, and custom microphones.

To get a more comprehensive idea of the gear found at BeMelodic,  please see below for our full recording studio equipment list. Every piece of equipment we own can be found here on this list, and we update it regularly for new additions keeping a good blend of vintage and modern equipment.

Whether you’re looking for a specific mic or a punchy compressor, we hope this list gives you some clarification.   Get more info on our music recording.

If you like what you see, please get in touch to book studio time with BeMelodic and give yourself a truly professional music recording!

BeMelodic Recording Room Arlington

Tracking Room

Premium Boutique Mics

Microphone Sounds like …
BMM-251 Telefunken ELA M 251
BMM-414 AKG C414
BMM-103 Neumann TLM-103
BMM-67 Neumann U67
BMM-49 Neumann TLM-49

Commercial Mics

Dynamic Mics Condenser Mics
Sennheiser e906 Lewitt Audio LCT 440 Pure
Shure SM58

MXL V87  (2)

Shure Beta 52a Rode NT5 Matched Pair
Shure SM57 (6)
MXL R144 Ribbon
Universal Audio Apollo x8 (4 channels)
Warm Audio WA-73EQ (1 channel) (Neve 1073 clone)
Audient ASP800 (8 channels)
API 512v
CAPI V26 Litz Preamp (70’s API console sound)
Burl B1
Burl B1D
IGS Audio S-Type Bus Comp (SSL-G)
DBX 160a Comp/Limiter
DBX 1046 Quad Comp/Limiter
DBX 510 Sub-Harmonic Synth
Warm Audio EQP-WA (Pultec EQ)
DIYRE Color Saturation (JFET, 4-track tape, Optical)
Dangerous 2-Bus LT Summing Mixer
Dangerous D-Box+
Mac Pro Dual 6-core 3.33Ghz (12-cores)
Yamaha HS-8 Monitors
Custom 5″ Midrange Monitors
Presonus Eris 3.5 Monitors
miniDSP4x2 balanced EQ
Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (Enhanced Monitoring)
Sonarworks Reference 4
ART Headphone 6 Pro (headphone amp)
UA Apollo x8 (8 ins / 8 outs)
Digidesign 192 I/O (8 Analog  outs/in, ADAT, AES)
Lynx Aurora 16 AD/DA Converter
UAD-2 Quad Satellite PCIe Card
Pro Tools (2021.3.1)
Studio One 4.5 Pro
Universal Audio (most of them)
Izotope’s Music Production Suite
Plugin-Alliance Mix & Master Bundle
Acon Digital Restoration Suite
Waves (too many to name)
IK Multimedia Amplitube Max
Marshall DSL-40c
Marshall JCM800 4×12 Lead Series Cab
Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 20
Guitar Effects
Nobels ODR-1 Natural OD Carl Martin “The Fuzz”
MXR Phase 90 MXR DynaComp Nano
EHX Nano Big Muff pi EHX Silencer
Boss DS-1 Distortion TC Electronics Flashback 2 Delay
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus Original Cry Baby Wah
Radial Engineering X-AMP (ReAmp box)

Join our legacy of quality music at our recording studio in Arlington TX 

Gear for Sale

We occasionally have gear we no longer use and put it for sale on eBay.  Below are our current listings.