Recording Studio Rates

We are confident that our recording studio rates will be as competitive as possible so you can achieve your potential without financial distress.

Base Recording Studio Rates

About Our Studio Rates

Every song production is different in complexity, track count, and style.  The base prices above are for that specific service only.  If your project requires multiple services such as recording + mixing + mastering, we will work with you to develop a price that works for both of us.  We do offer some special pricing bundles from time to time.  Those can be found on our booking page.

Find out about our student and veteran discount rates below!

Understanding Recording Studio Rates

Below are some examples of our rates for producing, recording, mixing, and mastering your songs so you get a feel for prices.


Vocalist with accompanying instrument, would range in price from $100-200 depending on how many vocal and instrument tracks are being recorded.

For a rock band with drums, bass, two guitars, and singer, prices range from $300-500 on average.

Our studio prices include mixing and mastering so no hidden fees.


Mixing prices also vary typically by track count, complexity, production, and how quick the turnaround is.

For example:

A 25-track song where no production is needed (only mixing), price would range approximately $80-120 with a 3 day turnaround.

A song with 25 tracks and additional production is needed could run from $200-300 with a 5 day turnaround.


Prices for mastering are generally fixed.  We charge $40 per song.

If you are mixing and/or recording with BeMelodic, our recording and mixing prices include mastering at no additional cost.

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Discounts and Special Pricing Options

Ask about our recording studio price discounts for University students and veterans.  We have low-cost options for students because we understand how difficult it is to finance college.

UTA Student Discount

UTA Students get an additional 10% off our student discounted rate!  We’re in Arlington Tx and just a few minutes away from campus.

University Student Discount

University students get 20% off our regular rates.

Veteran Discount

Veterans can apply for free recording studio services.  Read more about this special offer!  We are a veteran owned business so we understand.

Uta Arlington Music Students

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