Recording vocals on your iPhone is a great way to get a “demo” together on a low budget.  BeMelodic’s Engineer will mix your demo into a great sounding song.

Recording Vocals

As with any vocal recording, it is imperative that you find a silent noise free area to do your recording.

A great way to minimize echo, and other noise is actually to record from inside your closet!  The clothes and other items act as sound dampening materials.  Just make sure not to move hangers :)

Apps for Recording Vocals on your iPhone

Apple’s Voice Memo

This app is included on all iPhones for free.  This is a great app since it does allow you to record, and more importantly, share your recordings.

Voice Record Pro

Recording vocals using this app is also a good option for free.  The sharing/uploading options are also very good.

IK Multimedia VocaLive

This app is another great way to record.  Allows you to do multi-tracks, however if you are sending us your files to mix, we recommend you keep tracks separate.

Bemelodic Recording Studio In Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Tx
Bemelodic Recording Studio In Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Tx

Mixing your vocal recording from your iPhone

Interested in having your vocals mixed with a music track you already have? BeMelodic’s Engineer will mix your song into a great sounding radio-ready song.

Read more about mixing your song from iPhone recording here.

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Contact us with your music production project information and we will quote you the cost of mixing your vocal recording from your iPhone.

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