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Producing Rock Music Online is the Future

Owner Tony Loignon of BeMelodic Recording Studio has the privilege of remixing and mastering songs for many artists local artists. He is regarded by his peers as a rock music producer.  His passion for rock music started when he was 14 years old and acquired his first electric guitar. Upon starting BeMelodic Recording Studio in 2019, Loignon offers a variety of music engineering solutions required by rock bands which are now available online with realtime remote listening available!

Mixing Techniques For Rock Music

Sometimes, they just require a subtle richening of guitar sounds that doesn’t take away from the original style. In other cases, it might demand changing a song’s structure and arrangement to capture the essence of the emotion sought by the artist. Additional projects often call for pushing the drums and guitar tight with the vocals. In this case, the goal is to make the music sound as aggressive as possible without overpowering the lyrics.

When you consider how different songs like Kid LAROI’s “Without You” or the metal band’s Five Finger Death Punch’s “Living The Dream” are, you know that every rock music producer has their own techniques. Usually, they undergo production on a song-by-song basis but consider the album theme as a whole.

Professionals Blake Slatkin and Omer Fedi played a role, for instance, in how the vocals and music for “Without You” depicted the ebb and flow of a love-hate relationship. On the other hand, “Living The Dream” director Nick Peterson had to make sure that the social commentary the song shines through both the musical and vocal styles.

Rock Music Producer In Dallas Tx “Waiting on a War” by Foofighters is another prominent example. This song produced by both the band and Greg Kurstin depicted Dave Grohl’s worry about the world. It also represents his fears concerning the Cold War while growing up in Washington, D.C. This song is characterized by its distinct, ballad vocal style and acoustical guitar sound. At the same time, it packs the power that has made it to number three on February 13th Billboard charts.

Tony Loignon applies his passion and experience from since he was a child into producing final cuts of sounds similar to these. However, his mixing and arranging doesn’t stop there.

Producing Classic Rock

Old-time music mixing and mastering often is tricky. This sometimes requires cleaning up the quality of damaged recordings that may or may not have already been released to the public. In any case, musicians who’ve been quarantined have learned how to make money from both covers and original songs that mimic the classic styles from the 1960s-1980s.

Think of all the Beatles, Doors or Bob Dylan songs out there, for example. Some of these chart toppers originally were recording on vinyl and tapes. To digitalize them while preserving the natural styles of these often requires talents similar to producers like Paul A. Rothchild, George Martin or Tom Wilson.

The Future of Rock Music Producers

Not all music producers may be able to adapt to the future of producing rock. Not all of them will be able to achieve sounds for final arrangements that will result in music awards. However, viewing the latest charts gives musicians, artists, performers and producers an idea of how music lives even past Covid-19 quarantines.

BeMelodic Recording Studio in Dallas Fort Worth is the right place to polish your song.

Just for fun, there was still music awards presented in 2020 in spite of lockdowns. For instance, Tool had the album of the year, and “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco was the song of the year.

This definitely isn’t the day the music died for musicians, but rather, it is the day that music lives. When placing recordings in the right hands, it makes all the difference. Producing music using Internet tools definitely is the future and BeMelodic Recording Studio in Dallas Fort Worth is the right place to polish your song.

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Tony Loignon

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