Our Dallas Recording Studio

BeMelodic, a Dallas recording studio, has been in business since 2019, providing professional audio services to clients in Texas and around the world. We offer a wide range of recording services, including mixing, mastering, editing, and production. Our studio features the best equipment on the market and an experienced engineer.

Does the Studio Have Experience with Your Type of Music?

If you’re recording music for commercial purposes, you’ll probably want to find a studio that has experience with your type of music. This means finding a studio that specializes in recording bands, singers, or other artists who play instruments similar to yours. You also want to make sure the studio has experience with the kind of equipment you plan to use. For example, if you’re planning to record drums, you’ll want to find a studio with experience recording drum kits.

Location Matters

There are many Dallas recording studios to choose from, but finding one that you can easily get to is important. You don’t want to have to Uber to and from the studio since this adds unnecessary costs to your sessions. Also, look at where the studio is physically located.  Is it near train tracks or heavy traffic? These elements add risk to your recording quality from low frequency “rumble”.

Do You Need Pro Audio Equipment?

A professional audio system will help you achieve better sound quality than what’s possible using consumer equipment. However, even if you only plan to record vocals, you’ll still need some sort of microphone. There are two main categories of microphones: dynamic and condenser. Dynamic mics pick up sounds based on how loud they are, while condensers do so by measuring the air pressure surrounding them. Condenser mics tend to produce more natural sounding recordings but may not be right for your music. Having an experienced engineer with a large selection of high quality professional microphones will give you the best chance of achieving the results you seek.

Is There Room for Growth?

A good studio will offer you a variety of options for your project. They should be able to accommodate any budget, so you won’t feel pressured into signing a contract just because you need to pay for the session right away. Also, studios should provide references from previous clients. These references can help you determine whether the studio is reputable and experienced enough to handle your project.

Are They Willing to Work with You?

If you’ve been searching for a recording studio, you might not realize that some studios aren’t willing to work with new clients, or aren’t interested in certain genres. This means that they won’t take on projects unless they have a history of success with those clients. However, if you find a studio that’s willing to work with you, you’ll benefit from having a relationship with them. It’s easier to ask questions and make changes to your project once you have a rapport with the studio.

BeMelodic Recording Studio is a Dallas recording studio that offers professional quality services, equipment, and engineering at home / project studio prices with no compromise.

BeMelodic recording studio is located approximately 20 minutes west of Dallas in Arlington Texas.

Out of all the choices in Dallas recording studios, BeMelodic makes use of engineering excellence, equipment, and services to support most music genres. Our experience extends from rock and country, to hip-hop and regaetton.