Tony Loignon – You Are My Life Project Details

Tony Loignon recorded “You Are My Life” at BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington Tx in December 2020.  You Are My Life was released publicly on January 8, 2021.

This song was produced with an 80’s rock ballad style in mind.  Using modern mixing techniques and tools, Tony recreated that rock ballad sound.  The song is hard-hitting but yet soft in the right places.

You Are My Life is a story about love conquering all.

My Mastered Version

This song was composed, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tony Loignon from BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington Tx.  Vocals were sung by Scott Foster Harris, piano played by Anita Potter, and drums played and recorded by Cory Frey.

Anita Potter

Anita Potter is a freelance remote mixing engineer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She is also a talented multi-instrumentalist including bass and piano to name a few.  You can find her at the below:

Cory Frey

Cory Frey is a drummer, producer, engineer from California.  You can find him at the below:

About the Artist

Tony Loignon is an American producer and musician originally from Montreal, Canada now based in Arlington Texas.  Tony is the owner of BeMelodic LLC, a recording studio in Arlington Tx.

About The Author

Tony Loignon, Producer, Engineer, Musician

Tony Loignon

Hi! I’m a full-time music producer, engineer, and musician based in Arlington Tx within reach of Dallas and Fort Worth. It is always my pleasure to meet new artists from all over the world and work with them to create music.