Tony Loignon just published a brand new studio single, “You Are My Life”.

January 2021 – Tony Loignon is an American producer and musician originally from Montreal, Canada now based in Arlington Texas. He is back on the scene with a fantastic new studio work titled, “You Are My Life”.

This is a song that captures the electrifying sound of quintessential rock music, and it stacks up to some of the masters of the past and present. The production has a very modern edge to it, going for a very energetic tone. The sound of this new song is indeed quite dynamic, allowing Tony Loignon to reveal some of the most natural aspect of his charismatic personality. Sung by Scott Foster Harris, the song has got something special in terms of how the vocals click with the instrumental, composed and produced by Tony himself. He actually played all the instruments in the song, except for the drums (Cory Frey) and the piano parts, performed by Anita Potter.

This is a love song with some inspiring and emotional lyrics, which really give it a classic “Rock Ballad” vibe, while still retaining so much energy. Tony managed to stay true to some of his influences, and learn from some of his favorite musicians. Ultimately, “You Are My Life” is a new project that will definitely be your cup of tea, especially if you enjoy the sound and feel of artists such as Def Leppard, Guns’N’Roses, and Journey, only to mention but a few. This release is a perfect combination of modern and vintage rock appeal, combining the best aspects of these different musical worlds in order to come up with a one-of-a-kind formula.

Find out more about Tony Loignon, and listen to “You Are My Life”, which is available on the web’s best digital streaming platforms starting from January 8th, 2021.