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Choosing the best music producer, audio engineer, and recording studio in Dallas Fort Worth area for your project is paramount. Sometimes, selecting the right music production studio can be a challenge. BeMelodic is here to help make your search complete.

Music Production with BeMelodic in Dallas Tx

You probably know that there are many excellent facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. Some of the best musicians come from or began their musical journey in Texas. BeMelodic is one of the most standout studios in a diverse community of extraordinary Dallas Fort Worth music production facilities.

You want an engineer and producer that will embrace your music, enable your direction, and help you attain the sound quality that you desire. We know how it feels to put your heart and soul into your creations. We have that exact same dedication and support when it comes to maintaining your artistic style, and help you producing the music you envision.

Our motto “Excellence for your passion” extends our commitment to you in parity. At BeMelodic we believe that a strong and detailed production plan facilitates excellent execution when producing your music. With that said, we don’t come with boiler templates that stifle creativity. Give us a quick call to see how our Dallas music production process can benefit your career.

Bemelodic Recording Studio In Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Tx

As a member of Produce Like A Pro Academy, Tony has access to over 2000 members worldwide covering all music genres. These mixing engineers, producers, and musicians are a great resource pool of professionals who provide input, reviews, and constructive recommendations on production Tony works on. This includes mentorship from a multi-platinum award winning engineer/producer!

Tony can provide you with custom made music that fits your song and style.

As a professional beat and music maker, Tony can provide you with custom made music that fits your song and style.  We also collaborate online with musicians and artists whether you are local, domestic, or international. Online music collaboration is simple with Pro Tools. Contact us for a free estimate.

Music Production Planning

We believe in giving our clients the best experience possible. At our recording studio in Dallas, we enjoy a unique music production process that starts with four casual but effective planning sessions.

It’s not about meeting and dragging out valuable time.  Our music producer will give you results at every meeting to ensure that we are on the same page and that the final results will shine.

  • The first meeting will be more of an artist and producer/engineer ice-breaker. This will be in a casual setting to review the direction you want to go with your music. This also gives us a chance to get to know each other and see if we’re a fit.

  • The second session is about learning your style as a musician/artist. We want to understand where you come from, what inspires you, what sound you want to achieve, where your musical journey is heading, and who is your audience.

  • The third meeting will be a creative discussion where we build a plan that best suits your needs. If you have a list of songs you wish to produce already, this is an opportunity to review your songs and agree on a priority that will be an emotive catalyst for your listeners and fans.

  • Finally, in our fourth session we will review production requirements, supporting artists, recording equipment, artistic elements of your music, etc.

Customized Music Production

Everything we do is tailored to your needs, your project, your music, and your sonic style. That is how we maintain our reputation as a top Dallas music production company. Apart from making music, artists have the goal of becoming famous.  Our goal is similar, to help you achieve your goal!

Now that we have a common understanding of how your songs will sound, it’s time to determine your recording location to ensure we match your sonic style. There are many studio locations to choose from in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Each has their own sonic characteristics. We will keep our focus on one that makes you feel comfortable, enhances your performance, and can attain your stylistic sounds.

… ok! We’re ready … Let’s move on to the recording stage and make music!

Music production is the entire lifecycle of a piece of recorded music from start to finish. It consists of composition, arrangement, recording, sound design and mixing and mastering.

Many musicians are frustrated with the process of music production. The problem is that most people don’t know how to get started.

A great composition starts with a solid foundation. The process of creating musical ideas involves generating melodies, chords and rhythms that create the basic architecture for your song’s structure; without these building blocks there can be no melody or rhythm in whatever you are trying to write! From here it is just necessary to flesh out each individual element so they shine through as brightly as possible.

Hiring a music producer is a great way to start.

A good music producer is someone who can create the sounds and rhythms of a song. They’re responsible for making sure that each instrument has its place in musical arrangements, as well as editing out mistakes made by other musicians during recording sessions or live performances alike! This skill isn’t easy and requires someone who is professional, educated in music, technical skills in sound recording and design, people skills, and patience to name a few.

Tony Loignon - Producer

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