Music Recording

Dallas Fort Worth’s premier music recording studio and music production. We offer quality recording services for all genres.

Music Recording at BeMelodic

This process starts at a professional music recording studio in DFW where a vocalist and/or musician has an emotional performance captured with the proper sound equipment.

Having a quality pre-amp is critical to shaping the sound transparently or with character.  At BeMelodic, we have a variety of pre-amps that will leave your recording with a winning sound.  Leave this up to our professional recording engineer who will achieve the specific sonic style you are looking for.

In keeping with our agreed production plan, we will always use the best possible equipment needed to record your song at our recording studio.

Music Recording Sessions

Our recording process was designed to be powerful, straight forward, yet simple.

First, we will begin a rehearsal day (or days) at our recording studios in DFW.  We will meet at the predetermined location and run through several recorded rehearsals using our quality equipment.  By capturing your rehearsals, we have the ability to review the sound to ensure the recordings have the sonic qualities you want. Running through several rehearsals will serve to strengthen your performance during the real recording session.  Once we feel the rehearsals have reached a level of quality you can be happy with, we will move on.

The second part of our recording process is Tracking Day!  The moment you’ve been waiting for. We will run through a few rehearsals to let you warm up, loosen up, etc. When you’re ready, we will start running through the takes.  People ask us all the time, why do we record the warm up recordings? In fact, we record every minute, you never know what surprises can be useful in a final mix!

Once you feel comfortable with the overall performance, and the tracking has successfully captured, we now need to make a solid mix. This is what we refer to as the Mixing stage.

At BeMelodic, we use  our very own Custom hand-made BeMelodic Microphones,  as well as other major brands such as:  Sennheiser, Shure, Rode, and MXL microphones. The selection of mic will determine the style you want to achieve. We will always work with you, and share our professional expertise to determine whether we use a dynamic, condenser, or ribbon mic and which polar pattern, mic element type, circuitry type, etc.

Choosing our mic pre-amp for your recoding session will also have a similar process. The available choices we offer are between  Warm Audio, Audient, Black Lion Audio, or Lindell pre-amps.

For instance, Country, Rock, Pop, RnB, and Blues, we prefer our Neve 1073 clone by Warm Audio to give a rounder low and top end with 2nd order harmonics and saturation, while for rap and hip-hop, we prefer a clean, crisper, and fast preamp such as our Audient or Black Lion Audio preamps which offer a closer feel to an API 512c style preamp reminiscent of NY City recordings of the past while maintaining a modern feel.

Recording Studio Rooms

Control Room

BeMelodic Recording Studio uses only professional equipment for tracking your music.  With our focus on quality, we will work with you to capture the perfect sound.

Learn more about our recording equipment.

Tracking Room Details

Measuring 8′ x 11′ our tracking room consists of a custom built soundproof room-in-a-room with floating floor, treated walls, ceiling, and ventilation.

It is NOT designed as an anechoic room, but rather a beautifully sounding room with a smidgen of life.

The vocal recording end has rigid polyester fiber and foam wall treatments to eliminate short reflections with mic’ing positions located to avoid standing waves.

The other end of the room has sound absorbing treatment to prevent direct reflections.

The room is also equipped with retractable sound absorbing curtains that help further reduce the “life” if you need an “iso” recording booth type setup.

Audio Routing

Our recording room is equipped with a 16×4 50′ stage snake that runs to our control room’s mic pre-amps.

All cables are treated with extra shielding and ferrite beads to provide a clean signal.

Additional Capabilities

– 4 headphone connections.
– 16 simultaneous mics.
– Re-Amping
– Direct Injection (DI)
– Combined DI with Re-Amp

Live Tracking for Bands

Tracking Drums At Bemelodic Recording Studio In Dallas Fort Worth Arlington TxWe do have limited live tracking capability which we do from our living room.  Recording in this space is surprisingly amazing!

We have recorded bands in this space with stunning results.

This 24’x24′ room features wood walls, carpeted floor and vaulted popcorn ceiling.  We also capture a beautiful room tone from the entrance of the house when recording.  The entrance has tiled floors and provides a smooth sounding natural reverb. for the drums.

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